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Problems with Natural Ponds & Lakes

Natural ponds and lakes usually have an abundance of plants which will act as natural filters; they absorb excess nutrients that are caused from detritus, fish and ducks helping to keep the waters natural balance.  In areas of water open to the public or ponds and lakes that are frequented by Ducks and Geese often suffer from waterfowl excretions that accompany an increasing population and cause extreme oxygen depletion in the lake, effecting algae and often causing toxic sludge giving off hydrogen sulphide, in addition to significant odour and poor aesthetics, fish often die.  If a pond or lake is frequently visited by people then the natural balance will also suffer - plants are cut back or the incorrect species are used, ducks are fed and their population increases, increasing foot traffic on the bank causes bank erosion and unfortunately signs stating that feeding ducks feeding is prohibited are often ignored.

Over a longer period such ponds and lakes silt up and the reduced water depth causes additional problems such as lack of oxygen, or the lake can even become completely overgrown with shallow water growth like duckweed.  Placid, shallow lakes slowly start to change from the first day of their existence.  This process is caused by falling leaves, dying plants and dead aquatic organisms that sink to the bottom of the pond or lake.  Due to the settling of dead substance a layer forms in which the available oxygen is consumed by the decomposing micro organisms.  Because effective aerobic decomposition only takes place in narrow border area sludge/open water, the sludge layer gets stronger and stronger year by year, so that natural shallow areas finally silt up and become marshy without human intervention.

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