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Equipment to Aid Water Clarity

There are many options that can assist in either preventing or halting algae production or poor water quality parameters and following on from a site consultation we will be able to advise on which method would be best suited.  Some methods would include the following;

Aerators - Oxygen plays a vital part in breaking down unwanted nutrients in water.  Where levels of oxygen are low, an algae infestation can occur; this can also cause silt to build up and possible odour nuisance.  Missing oxygen can be introduced back into the water by means of water movement that will introduce more air.  Floating aerators that produce an adequate supply of oxygen can be installed for a relatively low cost.

Surface Skimmers - Floating debris and tree pollen deposited on the surface of water by wind are a risk to the biological equilibrium of water.  Skimmers will quickly remove this surface waste by drawing the particles and leaves into a collection basket, ready for removal, thus not allowing them to pollute the ecosystem and sink to the bottom.

UVC - Ultraviolet clarifiers are a proven way to completely eradicate green water and problem algal blooms, ensuring clear, healthy water.  The clarifiers effectively reduce algae and the number of pathogens and bacteria, they only kill water borne cells or micro-organisms that pass through the UVC by damaging their DNA structure, making it flocculate (clump together) allowing filtration components to remove them.  In natural ponds they can be used until the plants have reached maturity (about 2-3 yrs) by which time the roots from the plants will do most of the work. Alternatively they can be used 365 days of the year, where the only maintenance required is changing the bulbs every season or in hard water areas; cleaning of the quartz sleeves will also be required.

Floating Fountains - Floating fountains are an excellent way of providing an alternative where fixed fountains cannot be installed due to either excessive water depths or fluctuating water levels.  They can be moved easily and installed quickly, which means they can be used for exhibitions or events.  As they generate water surface movement, they can be used to oxygenate the water and as an alternative to the aerators.  They come with options for different fountain attachments and have the option to attach lights so at night time the pond or lake is brought alive with the vibrant colours and sound of water.

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